Saturday, January 15, 2011

the chocolate that heals loneliness...


hurm let see why i love it so much...
-sweet hehe
-u can get it cheap if you dont have money...hehe

but the reason why i love it on top of that heals loneliness...
to be frank with you, up till now,most of the time in my life,i am all alone...
its not that bad, am used to it...and i rather say sometimes being all alone is all i need to get out from this crazy world of mine...
and chocolate has been a very good friend to me and forever it will...i hope so hehe

this is something i got from a drama series...Akai ito.

our first encounter was by chance,
our second meeting was destiny,
if this is true,
is it also our destiny to pass each other by?

why is it? why is it?
that we think it is so important
that we live without hurting anyone, i wonder?

you cant put your true feelings into words
i cant express my important feelings
if the two of us could exchange the feelings in our hearts, would we see?-
would we see that the destiny was on our side?

there is so much i want to tell you
there's so much i want to hear
but, if after learning everything, our love breaks
then i'd rather be as i am now

when i think about my friends
when i think about the one i like
there's something important that's always just out of sight
is there really anything out there i can count on?

i never even realized
so many people were there protecting me
the important thing was that i
had to lose them to realize it

when the two of us met,
am really grateful...
even its end really bad, i really want to thank you
to teach me the most valuable lessons...that i cant find it in any books or teach by a teacher...
even if its too pricey, thank you!

it is said that approximately you will meet 30,000 people in your life...
and meeting you is one of them.
i feel regrets that i did not done well,
but i know life is not all about flying colors.
for that i'll take it as a life lesson that i will somehow pass it down to my children,
hoping that they well learn it well to so they wont make the same mistakes i've done.
but if they did it, i will try to understand it..
and all this, is actually for my future me...
to remember, to not forget to understand...

dear me in future,
i wish you all the best...
the me now will endure it as much as i can,
for you in the future...
people may come and go in my life,
people may change as the time passed by,
as that's the way it should be...

i promise that i will try my best to face it all,
for the future me,
and for the people that i may meet in future that perhaps will like me as i am,
and for the sake of love that i have wait for a long time...
i will give all i can to make it happen...
this is my promise to me in the future...

i love you and miss you so much!

be strong and remember you are not all alone even if there's no one by your side... because you got me...myself and Allah swt...

see you again in future...cheers!

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