Thursday, August 18, 2011

when i thought its getting better..

I just realized that i spend a lot of my time alone,thinking and on the net. The only reason is to keep my mind of the things that troubled me.Yes, i try to forget it, but as much as i want it,it didnt work sometimes.

Few days ago, i received another news which gave me headache. I was about to do my work as i left me more than half a year now,as am not well for the past few months. Frankly, i might be good in my study but am suck at life that needs me to solve problems which is not in the books.well perhaps some may been published by other people but some, i just cant get through.

All these made me trouble sleeping and down and hopeless.I know i cant whine over it, i cant sigh over it but i just dont know what to do.It seems like my life is never ending the unexpected.

All i want is a simple life.If people are envy with me, just forget it.Am not perfect n leading the imperfection life.I just love to be with the crowd that am comfortable with.If you dont like me, just go away.Am fine with it.

what should i do,am hoping someone can give me the best solution regarding the problems am facing now.It sucks the life out of me.I want to be strong and i dont want to be quitter!

I wish someone can help me...

I wish all of you a nice day today.
luv n miss. dun forget to smile always yuh~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

berita itu entah benar entah tidak...

Perkabaran itu tiba-tiba dan aneh.

Adakah benar atau tidak, diluar kemampuan.

Jika benar, ku pujuk hati agar sabar dan tabah.Ini dugaan dan ujian dari Allah swt.

Sabarlah hati, mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik semua ini.

Kita hanya mampu berusaha, selebihnya hanya Allah swt Maha mengetahui....

Ku mohon pada Ilahi lindungi la kami dari semua perkara yang tidak baik.Golongkan kami di dalam golongan orang-orang yang beriman dunia dan akhirat....

Assobaruminal iman..

miss n luv y'all. smile always yuh!

Friday, August 5, 2011

That friday...5th

Life is full of unexpected events...

I thought i was super strong.i managed to put a happy face and cool side of me for such a long long time.

But that friday, i accidentally cant hold it anymore...

I cried~

In front of everyone that i dont wish they knew what had happened to me...

Dang, ashamed.But i felt like a huge burden been lifted up from my chest!

This is the second time i cried in front of those people.And all because of that place!

Maybe this is the fate that i must face it no matter what.I think it is.

At that moment, I promised myself this: I AM GOING TO GET MY LIFE BACK! nothing matter but only that.

I pray to Allah to grant me a super strong heart to go through this moment successfully~

To all that face the same problem like me, i wish you all the best. Be strong yuh!

Miss and luv all. keep on smiling yuh~