Saturday, March 20, 2010

ily in the wonderland!!! ;oD

hi all,
bet u all have a nice day today....i wish u all did!!! but if it wasn't, cheer up and smile always yuh!

well, been to ikea today. bought Lerberg book shelf,its lighter n fits in the small space in my sis's room...(well, 24/7 dgr dia asyik nk new one saja pening...(O_O")...

before that watched alice in the wonderland!!!! YiPpIe hip hip hooray!!!!
so so so so ...tiada kata dapat mengambarkan tahap kebeshan tat movie wit ma fave actor, johnny depp...hehehe...

"i choose my own path"...yeah!

and we officially bought a dozen of ikea's karipap(dlm dia ada quarter of boiled egg...hurm dulu half n bigger but now perhaps because of economy down turn n people need to survive instead of naik harge, they downsized it cut there here n everywhere in order to keep the business alive-erk sorry ayat over skit- ) ...hahaha....guys u should try it, i'm not bluffing, its really good, really...with ur empty stomach, 1st,2nd, i guarantee u'll like it...hahaha 1 for rm1.00 half dozen for rm5.50.. ;oD

luckily n surprisingly jalan xjem...yuh slalu jem mcm dlm roti tue fuh sesak n berhimpit2 kete berbaris seperti salad or sangchu bersama tomato n tuna dlm roti...

used erk ape hghway dr fed hghway yg atas tue ke arah damansara hartamas n mont kiara?alar yg rm1.50 tue..sorry ek lupe lar,pantai expressway ke ape ke dun remember huhu...then straight till penchala link (my sis ckp, jln kt area tunnel tue mcm nk pi genting haha...) grateful xbyk kete gak kt situ n jln depan OU...hehe selamat...

ohh my domino's pizza dh sampi...after 40 minutes!!!!aiyark...well they said sorry n hello free regular pizza for the next order YiPPie!!! hehehe :oD

okey nk layan pizza dulu ...sgt lewat dh 10pm skng nie...ishk ishk ishk...
cmne nk kurus mkn lewat sangat !!!

ok till always yuh!!!

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