Friday, March 25, 2011


My aunt just passed away few minutes ago at Penang Hospital...

the way i cover up my sadness is by watching movies n dramas online... i know its weird but that's all i can do now...

Al-fatihah to my Mak long....been ages since i met you..

Moga Mak long dicucuri rahmat Yang Maha Esa lagi pengasih dan penyanyang....Allah swt.

The year of 2011....full of "departures".

Hope all my family members are strong,healthy and good together....Amin

luv n miss

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The battle inside me

The face you saw probably just an act,
to hide the "war" inside.

I may be calm outside but sometimes it far from truth,
yet i try my best to pretend.

The fragile me, hides behind the mask of "hard shell",
little did any soul knows it was a mere inch to break into pieces.

All that planned, is presented on the "stage" inside my mind,
a strong will to realize required a huge determination, yes the thing that i need most now...

All i want is now to find something to hold on,
strong enough to carry me,
hard enough to push me,
willing to call my name whenever and wherever i am in any situation.

Perhaps it may be someone,
but i do not know, i am lost, at the edge of breakdown...

I pray to Allah, to guide me always,
give me strength, courage, wise and someone to help me along the way.

This is my war,
admit that i can't do it alone.
any one out there, if you can hear my cry,
Baito ni, find me and save me.

miss n luv...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

aitai ima anata ni

Sometimes in life you waiting for someone that you believes to be the one for you. You will wondering around looking for that person, hoping that in the journey you eventually meet him/her. Sometimes it would be an easy path but most of the time full of hardships and obstacles.

Even how much you try you still could'nt find the one that you've waiting for please don't give up. Even if it consume a lot of time and energy don't ever lost faith. Hang on and hold on to what you believe perhaps one day it will paid off. Determination is all you need to move forward.

Even if people said it was a no achieved goal, do not hesitate or think twice. Even it is impossible for the person you've waiting for, do not halt even a second in your life.

Go and find your dream. Don't ever let go the chances to meet that person. If you already meet and not take any move yet, held your head high, gather the courage, be yourself and run to him. Say all you want to say, confess all you want to and let it all out. No worries for the outcome. It is better to let it all out then keep it for yourself. People might says a lot of things to the action you've done but they can says whatever they want to say. This is your life not them. Keep fighting okies!!!

To my future self, the efforts i've done today will brings the outcome for tomorrow. Don't ever give up and fight for it!!! I'll try my best to face them all...

miss n luv...