Friday, August 5, 2011

That friday...5th

Life is full of unexpected events...

I thought i was super strong.i managed to put a happy face and cool side of me for such a long long time.

But that friday, i accidentally cant hold it anymore...

I cried~

In front of everyone that i dont wish they knew what had happened to me...

Dang, ashamed.But i felt like a huge burden been lifted up from my chest!

This is the second time i cried in front of those people.And all because of that place!

Maybe this is the fate that i must face it no matter what.I think it is.

At that moment, I promised myself this: I AM GOING TO GET MY LIFE BACK! nothing matter but only that.

I pray to Allah to grant me a super strong heart to go through this moment successfully~

To all that face the same problem like me, i wish you all the best. Be strong yuh!

Miss and luv all. keep on smiling yuh~

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