Wednesday, November 23, 2011

do not regret and be sad all the time...

Hey all...

How are you doing these days? I wish all in good health and no matter what you've been through i hope its all will end well...

There are times in our life that we feel regretted and we wish we can turn back time to change it.To make it more better.To lessen the burden and to avoid being sad and stupid. Wishing all will be just different from the current one. Maybe not all but i'm sure some may have feel this way...

Reality cannot be change no matter how hard we wish or pray...and that is our past that we called the history of our life. The uniqueness among human being. It may be beautiful or ugly, happy or sad and sometimes we feel like we cant make any decision just like that.We in dilemma and lost.

I cant tell you what to do precisely because i'm in that kind of situation too, we are all human :). But then, all i can say is, to me and all that i care and love, no matter what kind of decision that you make, rather its good or bad, please don't feel so regretful until you forget to enjoy your life. What is past can't never be change to something else...Even if you fall, at the deepest bottom of your life and you feels like there's no one can help you, the only thing you can do at that kind of time is "HOPE"...never lose your hope! Believing that one day everything is going to be alright if you don't stop trying and believing it!

If its too painful, there's one of the way to ease it that i learned from "How I Met Your Mother", write a letter for yourself in the future.So, whenever you feel that you are going to the wrong direction, read it back again! Whenever you feels like there is nothing you can do, read it back again! Only you know who you are and what you were thinking, so give it a try. Write it, so you wont forget it!okies~

Its ok to be sad for sometimes, but not all the time. Find someone that you trust or someone that is total stranger and let it all out...I did it sometimes talking to a stranger but online, of course not revealing who i am. Just talk and for me surprisingly i feels some of the burden inside my heart being lifted up even just a little it means a lot to me...

Or, write a blog. Like what am doing right now... :o)

To all, never lose your hope no matter what happen and dont stop believing that everything is going to be just fine if you dont stop trying to make it better....

I wish you a good health and happiness with more success in future, much love~

Sunday, November 20, 2011

love you you

JJ Lin Jun Jie

Love u u wo xiang gu du de yu fu
Shuo bu chu ai de wen du
Hen xiang gei ni de xing fu ni que zi wo bao hu
Zhuan wan chu zhi sheng xia chao xi zhi wai de huang wu

Love u u que zai hai li mi le lu
Zhao bu chu xin de gui shu
Si nian yue chang yue ku xin tiao luan le jiao bu
Zen me wo du bu dong ni cheng yu zhi jian de wu zhu

Jiu suan yong jin suo you zhen xin que dao bu liao ni de xin di
Hui yi nan yi kao jin ni shi wo she qiu de wei yi
Rang wo yong jin suo you li qi zhi yao ni xiang xin
Wo zui jian chi de sheng yin zhi shen yi ju love u u
Stay with me

Neng bu neng bie zhe yang fang qi
Neng bu neng jiu fang kai zi ji
Hai lang chuan tou wo de shang xin
Qing ting yi ting ai de sheng yin