Saturday, July 9, 2011

Part 2 - when its unbearable...

Hiya all..

You see, i owe you an apology as it takes me a long time to for the part 2. I'm really sorry, but i'll my best to write a little bit today as i've been extremely tired as if my energy been drained out from my body.I can still feel the pain but what the fish just put a smile on my face and ready to rock and roll (as if i can,imagining it hehe).

The problem about what i've been through now is, i've got nothing or to be precise zero knowledge on this kind of matters.So, when i cant moves my body or do thing that i want to do, am dumbfounded. Although i might know what really happen i might not be able to process it like i normally do.In other words, i can't even explain how i feels and thinks accurately.

Sometimes the pain is unbearable....

If you happens to be in my situation, all you can do is pray/doa non-stop.Just think it as a test from Allah swt and there's always be hikmah behind it.have faith and don't give up.A little effort is enough.As long as you don't give up....

Recite Al-quran regularly and find any doa that can advices from knowledgeable persons who can help you in this kind of stuff.Don't keep it to yourself (as this is what happened to me i cant even tell someone how i feels due to my logic minded that refuse to believe in this kind of stuffs). At least, find your best friend.the one that you can count on and reliable,i have to say this cause if the person cant understand what you've been through then it will lead to frustrations and helpless.SO please talk to someone that you can trust!!!

Am not going to lie to you that i've been through a moment that i want to hurts myself so badly even 'jisatsu',as if am going to die.I cant move my body and i thought i already lost my body aching and when i see doctor they only give me the same answer...nothing wrong with me(some doctor even teasing/mocking me)except this one doctor who understand and suggesting an alternative medicines.

You may feels that this is the end of the world for you but believe me insyaAllah we can be well like before if we continue to move on and keep living. Be patient and remember you are not alone,okies~

luv n miss y' always yuh!

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