Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my wish now is to have the 'happy me life' back..

I view my life from different angle now.

For the past few months,i was in terrible state.scary and horrific...
If you ask me, "how you through that kind of situation?"

I definitely says " I wish I wont, I don't want to go through it again.As matter of fact, its actually twice".

Am scared,anxious and i don't have the confident like i used to have.

I'm much better now.I feel more calm.Even the pains still inside my heart is unbearable i managed to hide it well with a smile on my face.I know i might suffered from "Masked Depression", but what else i can do?the society is not that "open/aware" about this kind of illness.No place to turn to.A very little choice which is already scarce and rare.

To normal or ordinary-life people, this might sounds a bit weird/odd/nonsense.But those who have faced it, it is one of the scariest time in life. People like us felt that it is embarrassing/lost hope/as if you are going to die/want to hurt ourselves/helpless/etc.

If you happens to meet people who suffers the above symptoms or situation,understanding is the best thing you can do. Stop the critiques, stop being sarcastic.Listen and understand, that's all.

The soul is already in a bad shape.The physical is already tired.The mind is already messed up.The least others can do is to listen,understand and give word of hopes/ best wishes/high spirited advises...

Because by doing that, you are actually saving a soul.

DO NOT BE SELFISH. The most important thing a family must never forget. The bond can saves,the love can heals,the care can gives hope and helping hands is needed.

We are all in stress,but we can still manage it.

i wish i can have my "happy-me-life" back...yes my wish!

I pray to Allah everyday that gives us strength,courage and show us the way out from all this.It is a test and i know i am weak.I learn from all these and i pray i'll become a better person in future.

The past will always be history and will never be erased.The future is unpredictable waiting to be explored.The present is now,to hope to live to the fullest doing our best to walk in this world.

To leave something for people to remember who we are in a good way.To put an example so people can learn for what we had.To share the life that someone in this world might be in the same shoes.and hope this might help...

I wish you all the best and greatness in life.Be strong and if possible let "yourself free"...

till then, smile always yuh! tata....

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