Thursday, June 2, 2011

rock bottom ...

its been awhile since i posted anything.for the past few months i been through lot of things that i never ever imagine that i someday will going through it. its hard and along the way i almost gave up.yes am only a human being am not superior n i do stumble n chicken n weak.its the most scariest moment i've ever experienced and to tell you the truth i dont want to go through it again.

i questioned myself why all this happened to me....i cant do anything,i felt that my energy been drained out,i didnt have the courage to go out,ignored all calls n people around me n as if like an empty headed dont even know what is going denial state that n i try hard to hide it from everyone...

to that life, i'm beginning to step beginning to find way to make the first step n live the life that i want n be strong to fight all obstacles lie ahead. to the past that i left i will point it out one by one n i hope it can help others that might face the same thing as me.we live in the society that some moron n idiot envy with, to tell you guys this means to help myself too.

i stand on the point that every end is always a beginning...

i wish all of you a great day n strong n its ok if you fell down at the rock long as you dont give up and keep on living, insyaAllah everything will be just fine...just remember you are not alone!

lotsa kisses n hugs, smile always yuh :D

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