Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The battle inside me

The face you saw probably just an act,
to hide the "war" inside.

I may be calm outside but sometimes it far from truth,
yet i try my best to pretend.

The fragile me, hides behind the mask of "hard shell",
little did any soul knows it was a mere inch to break into pieces.

All that planned, is presented on the "stage" inside my mind,
a strong will to realize required a huge determination, yes the thing that i need most now...

All i want is now to find something to hold on,
strong enough to carry me,
hard enough to push me,
willing to call my name whenever and wherever i am in any situation.

Perhaps it may be someone,
but i do not know, i am lost, at the edge of breakdown...

I pray to Allah, to guide me always,
give me strength, courage, wise and someone to help me along the way.

This is my war,
admit that i can't do it alone.
any one out there, if you can hear my cry,
Baito ni, find me and save me.

miss n luv...

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