Wednesday, April 14, 2010

smalam yg marathon

morning all..

may today be a bright as the warm sunshine...
okey, smalam kn after marathon kt my uni, (seperti biase, knp lar mrk mahu menyeksa lar kan...n i dont give a damn if ada suare mengatakn knp budak tu pakai slipar kt fac, well jwpn sgt senang kalau meraka tny...kasut saya tumit tinggi,tangga mcm 70 deg angle n kaki saya dh lenguh. drpd saya jatuh tergolek baik saya pakai slipar!)

smbg blk,
singgah mid,ada fashion shw by adidas at 8pm something.haih sesape yg tgk dr belah atas where 3 ppls dgn rela hati wat exercise ala2 yoga di situ, OMG, mesti tak terkata apa2 spt saya...even the couple next tue me said somethg erm erm erm....aiyo!

ok end it,
berjaya membeli 2 helai baju!well if u grew up in KL n been in KL most of ur life, the besh therapy for gurls if shopping...even window shopping is enuf!hahaha...

i forgot that sushi king Bonanza RM2 for all plate starting from 12-15 april means today end n so start ur engine n head to nearest Sushi King guys! shouldn't missed it okay...goin tonite again wit ma sis at Alamanda hehe...

but the thing is after walking without thinking each floor at midbelly, i ordered 1 regular ice blended choco n 1 blueberry cheese cake (well u might end up like me if u been marathon around ur uni which most of the area are hilly n ready to kill ur innocent feet/foot or wutever) sis decided to have her dinner at sushi king wah sai, long queue _<

alamak dh merepek2...still sleepy, yawn yawn!

okey till then...tata!

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